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Dying Laws, Boozy Buds, and Dudes With Guns Flip Out

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Flipping With Guns

See? I told you Tricking can be cool, just needs more firearms. Stuntmen Jim Ng and Stephen Izzi show off their acrobatic gun-play. [The Awesomer]


How To Make Liquor Infused With Pot

I'm calling dibs on Jack "Herer" Daniels and Absolut Cannabis.


How To Make Wine Infused With Pot

Oh really, this originated in Northern California, you don't say.

How, When, and Why Moore's Law Will Finally Collapse

If Michio Kaku and Neil deGrasse Tyson got into a fist fight, who do you think would win?


Why the States and the Feds Will Never Play Nice Regarding Weed

Obama's recent string of dispensary raids has unleashed a swarm of criticism that continues to grow—and not just among talking heads like Barney Frank and Jimmy Kimmel. Time writer Michael Scherer, explains why the Feds are cracking down when we were promised they'd lighten up.

Despite Obama's promises during the 2008 campaign, federal prosecutors have lost faith in the ability of state and local officials to control a booming commercial industry for a drug that is still illegal to grow, possess or sell under federal law. As a result, a once broad exemption from prosecution for medical marijuana providers in state where it's legal has been narrowed to a tiny one.

Furthermore, the fact that state laws clash with federal law in 16 states and the District of Columbia makes it all but impossible for state and federal law enforcement to work together cooperatively to develop a functional system for what Obama still claims to support: access to medicinal marijuana for the legitimately ill in states that approve of the practice. So the nation is left with an uneasy status quo: The federal government is not trying to eliminate medical marijuana altogether, but it has decided that it cannot stand for the commercialization or large scale production of marijuana for the stated purpose of helping the sick, even when that production is technically within the bounds of state law.


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