Eat Your Own Brain (and Live to Tell About It)

The Edible Chocolate Brain is perfect for the narcissist in love with their own intellect. They merely have to spend a chunk of time in an MRI tube, and from that data, Inition can create a 3D model of a brain which is then fed to a 3D printer to forge a 3D mold. Equipped with a steady supply of chocolate a confectionary brain was formed. Not only is someone's mind brilliant, it's also delicious. [Inition via Laughing Squid]


I'll admit it. This was a total success and that was a disaster.

I made a Jello Brain-mold dessert and it is too disgusting. No one would eat it but me.

I made fresh cranberry sauce and combined that at the perfect moments with Lime and then Peach Jello (sugarless) and stirred in Cottage Cheese as it was firming up.

It tasted great, I mean really good, but no one would try it. Success yes, but at what cost?