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EBay's Testing Two New Ways to Help Sell Your Stuff

Illustration for article titled EBays Testing Two New Ways to Help Sell Your Stuff

As major online retailers are being shoved further into the physical realm to keep competitive, eBay's doing everything it can to stay in the fray with the announcement of two new pilot programs.


The first comes in the form of a "selling assistant" who essentially acts as a consignment store with pick-up service—for 25% of the proceeds, of course.


The second allows you to bring smaller items (e.g. clothes and consumer electronics) to designated drop-off points for a fixed price based on its estimated value. But what if you find their paltry offer insulting? No problem! The eBay representative will still give you advice on the best ways to price and list your items for maximum attention.

EBay had already been experimenting with eBay Now, a same-day delivery service in the vein of Amazon and Walmart. It's still only available in San Francisco and parts of New York, however, and no word on plans to expand. [All Things D]

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"I don't actually sell anything here, I just sell things on ebay"