What to expect from Tesla AI Day?

The imagery for the event has all focused on the Tesla Bot’s hands, with the Tesla twitter account even posting a gif of the robot, codenamed Optimus, forming its individual fingers into a heart shape.


With that in mind, we’ll probably learn more about the company’s intentions for the robot, and perhaps even see a prototype. Like, an actual one this time.


Given that Musk is already hedging that AI Day is, first and foremost, a recruitment event, we could also just see renders and specs. That’s the thing with guerilla marketing, especially from a man who trotted out a modern day Mechanical Turk at last year’s AI Day and plans for a 1950s drive-in movie theater turned charging station in 2018. It’s hard to get hard data until, and sometimes even a little bit after, it’s staring you in the face.

That said, Musk also made some pretty outlandish claims just yesterday that the company’s upcoming Cybertruck would be “waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat.” Yes, even in “seas.” We’ve seen his Cybertruck promises fall flat before, specifically when the truck’s supposedly almost bulletproof windows got shattered live onstage when confronted with a couple of lightly tossed steel balls. Still, given the tweets’ timing, it’s possible we’ll see another attempt at a demo tonight. Put the Cybertruck in a dunk tank, Elon.


Aside from Optimus and Cybertruck, Musk also posted last week that his self-driving car AI team (which is also working on Optimus) has “end-of-month” deadlines for “(actually smart) summon/autopark,” so folks are also expecting the event to go into self-driving tech as well. Tesla’s autopilot feature is under federal investigation.

We’ll be following the event tonight, so check back on Gizmodo later this evening to see if the Tesla Bot is more than a costume this time. Musk says the bot is designed to “eliminate dangerous, boring, and repetitive tasks,” so maybe one day, it’ll be able to watch these streams for us.