Emo Labs Invisible Speakers: HDTV Screens Could Become The Speaker

Illustration for article titled Emo Labs Invisible Speakers: HDTV Screens Could Become The Speaker

TVs might be getting beautifully thinner, but we're often still forced to use external speaker setups to get decent sound quality. Emo Labs' solution: embed a thin and clear "invisible" membrane speaker into the screen itself. Watch it in action:

It's a completely new type of speaker technology that could also find its way into other thin gadgetry: laptops, LCD monitors, cellphones, photo frames, and hand held consoles.


Emo Labs calls the tech Edge Motion, and it basically involves the clear layer microflexing to generate soundwaves. Enough to produce a room full of stereo sound—without effecting visual screen quality.

They've embedded Edge Motion into a 42-inch TV for the demo below, but there's still no word on which TV manufacturers, if any, they've managed to sign up. The vid comes from this week's DEMOfall 09 tech showcase, where they won best consumer-oriented product. [Emo Labs via DEMO via Mashable]


Michael Crider

This sort of thing has been tried before. I remember a product from five or six years ago that would attach to a wall, sucker-fish style, and vibrate the flat surface creating a "giant speaker". You could even get two of them in a daisy chain for stereo. While the idea is still promising, I hope this new membrane can up the sound quality; as I recall, it was loud, but pretty crappy fidelity.

Sorry, a quick google search doesn't turn anything up. Anybody else remember these things?