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Radio listeners in Europe may need to thank the European Space Agency if all goes according to plan. The ESA is set to debut a new type of multimedia radio tomorrow that makes use of currently existing satellites and a low profile antenna affixed to cars' roofs (seen here). The new and improved (!) radio is being designed in order to eliminate many of the problems associated with radio today, like static, signal loss in tunnels and the like. These new radio will also cache all content onto a hard drive (or flash drive), so that listeners can go back to listen to something over and over again. (Incidentally, isn't that the reason why the RIAA is suing XM?)


No commercial plans have been announced thus far as this is more of a proof of concept more than anything else. Interesting development and good to see the ESA devoting resources to improve the signal quality of breakfast radio. Come back when you've put a man on the moon.


Multimedia car radio of the future [ESA via]

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