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Even I Would Read the Bible If It Were This Pretty

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Despite having grown up in the Bible Belt, I'm not terribly religious. Sure, I still go to our quaint little Episcopal church with my mom on holidays but, if you asked me what happens in the Book of Revelation, I'd be dumbfounded. Unless I had an app like this.


A British design studio called Family just posted screenshots of an impressively pretty Bible iPhone app.

Commissioned by Icon Magazine, this bold and beautiful design concept features descriptive, custom-made icons for each book of the Bible, and a clean layout that makes reading breezy.


Features include a shake-to-shuffle technique for reading random passages, geolocation for finding nearby churches, and easy ways to share scripture.

Again, I'm not big on religion, but the Bible is an important book—one I think I should probably read at some point. This app might just make that happen. That is, if somebody actually builds it.


Know any good scripture apps? Bible? Torah? Koran? Otherwise? Drop 'em in the comments. [Family]