Even If Jurassic World Sucks, At Least We Get More T-Rex Toys

The first official trailer for Jurassic World has us cautiously optimistic about the upcoming blockbuster, but even if the movie stinks, we still get a pretty great consolation prize: mountains of new dinosaur toys. And courtesy of the London Toy Fair we now have our first look at Jurassic World's T-Rex, or at least the 18-inch toy version, complete with chomping action.

Pricing and availability are still up in the air, but you can safely assume these will be hitting store shelves ahead of the movie to ensure they're readily available when kids start clamoring for a T-Rex of their own. And it looks like this version carries over the chomping action that the giant T-Rex toy from the original Jurassic Park had, which is a nice throwback to where all this dino-mania got started. [Toyark]


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