Every Single Mural in the World Should Be of Colossal Cats Shooting Lasers

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Art—impossible to define? Maybe. Shocking, city-leveling awesomeness—impossible to define? No. Not after seeing this San Francisco mural, which shatters any concept of either art or awesomeness you might have, melding them together into one fantastic rainbow apocalypse. LASERS!

Are they battling each other? Are they battling mankind? So many questions remain unanswered, and so I continue to stare at these feline dealers of death. Or perhaps they are restorative lasers, bringing peace and unity to this dreary cityscape? Perhaps we'll never know, as San Fran resident Andrew Dalton, who snapped the photo, has no clue who painted this. Perhaps we all just imagined it. The cats. The lasers. I can't look away. [SFist via Laughing Squid]

Update: A mystery no more! Bunnie Reiss wrote in to identify herself and two other artists—Ezra Eismont and Garrison Buxton—as the masterminds behind the terrific work. Well done, guys. I'm still in laser kitty awe.