You Can Buy Everything Everywhere's Real Raccacoonie and More

A24 is auctioning off the movie's most iconic props to benefit the Transgender Law Center, Asian Mental Health Project, and more.

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The Raccacoonie prop from Everything Everywhere All at Once.
Image: A24

Everything Everywhere All at Once may or may not win Best Picture at the Academy Awards, but it remains one of 2022's greatest movies. So chances are you wouldn’t mind owning one—or more!—of the movie’s most iconic props, especially if the money you spent on it was going to a great cause. Or, even more especially, if you could buy a raccoon that would sit on your head, control your actions, and make you an incredible hibachi chef.

Yes, Raccacoonie himself is going up for auction, but that’s not all. Ke Huy Quan’s iconic fanny pack, the buttplug-esque IRS customer service trophy, and even the Evelyn and Joy piñatas from the piñata-verse are going up for sale, all to benefit very good causes. In fact, A24 is offering three auctions’ worth of material for three different organizations: the “Mementoes From the Multiverse” auction, which benefits the Asian Mental Health Project; the “In Another Life” auction, which benefits the Transgender Law Center and includes various outfits including many of Jobu’s fabulous costumes; and the “Laundry and Taxes” auction, whose proceeds go to the Laundry Workers Center, “a not-for-profit, member-led organization that provides community-based leadership development to improve the living and working conditions of low wage laundry, warehouse, and food service workers in New York City and New Jersey.” That auction includes various props from the IRS scene, but also, inexplicably, the freakin’ hot dog fingers.


This is an incredible set of incredibly iconic props from an already iconic movie, so chances are you’re going to need to pony up some serious cash to purchase just about any of these items when these auctions go live on Thursday, February 23, at 12:00 p.m. ET. But can you really put a price on a sentient raccoon that can turn you into one of the world’s greatest hibachi chefs?

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