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Exclusive Man of Steel concept art shows Zod's Kryptonian armor

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Man of Steel hits theaters this weekend, and you're going to want to see more of the insane new designs in this film. The visions of Kryptonian technology, including the spaceships and the battle armor, are amazing. And we're happy to present an exclusive look at concept art of General Zod's armor.

This image comes from the book Man of Steel: Inside the Legendary World of Superman, published by Insight Editions. This book is just packed with brilliant concept art and behind-the-scenes shots, showing how the movie's creators reimagined Superman and his world. The design work in this film is really astonishing, and the book makes it clear that every aspect of the movie's designs, from the amazing Kryptonian user interfaces to the hardware, was thought about pretty carefully, and based on some unique influences.


Here's the full two-page spread which we're featuring exclusively at io9, from the Man of Steel art book:


You can see how Zod's armor sort of solidifies around his face, turning him into a faceless killer.

Some other concept art from the book has turned up on other sites recently as well. Ain't It Cool News exclusively presented a handful of images from the book a while back, and here are a couple of our favorites. Check out the rest over at AICN: