Should, for some reason, you choose to sleep on public transportation, you'll appreciate this weird jacket thing that recently won an industrial design competition. Dubbed the Excubo, the jacket has a what I can only describe as a really big popped collar that's used to cushion and hold in place the wearer's neck. Mr. Big Collar also provides a bit of privacy, so when you're on the F train heading out to the middle of Queens in order to pick up some party favors you'll be able to nap somewhat anonymously. Though I must say, I don't see how such a unique design won't draw at least some attention from the peanut gallery.

The young gun who designed Excubo (Latin for "I sleep outside," in case you're playing at home), Matthew Gale, won first place in a design competition sponsored by James Dyson (yes, the vacuum guy) and the Industrial Designers Society of America. Hopefully next on the chopping block is a pair of shoes that don't get absolutely destroyed in post snow storm New York.


Excubo [Matthew Gales' Home Page]

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