Express iPod-ready Play List Jacket

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Clothing company, Express, is leaping on the iPod accessory bandwagon with this jacket. The Play List Jacket is a pretty simple jacket that includes an inside pocket for the iPod and fabric buttons to control the iPod. This jacket will be hitting Express Men stores this month for $248. Now, this begs two questions: how much would the jacket cost without the iPod pocket and who would actually wear it?

Currently, the cheapest jacket on the Express site is $148. So it could be said that this iPod pocket and fabric buttons tack on an extra $100, at most, which is really not worth it given that most jackets already have an inside pocket. Oh, and about who would wear it. How about this guy? I don't think I am cool enough to do that jacket/hoodie/vintage tee combo, but I know he is.


Express to offer iPod-ready 'Play List Jacket' [iLounge]

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