Illustration for article titled Facebook Now Scans All External Links to Keep Grandma Safe From Porn (and Viruses)

From today on, every link you click in Facebook will be scanned, in realtime, for viruses, phishing, botnets, and other nefarious internet badness. This is the best news ever for your hapless friends that are constantly duped.


Facebook has hooked up with security firm Websense to make this all happen behind the scenes. Websense will scan a link when you click it, and if it doesn't find anything funky you'll proceed directly to the site as usual. If it finds something you'll be prompted as you see in the photo above, and you can choose to back away or proceed at your own risk. Websense is also looking for sites that are "abusive" and contain racial hatred or illegal porn. So much for tricking your friends into watching that horrible puppy threesome blacksploitation. [The Telegraph]

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