Illustration for article titled Fake-Looking Mystery iPod Nano Cases Appear for Fake-Looking Mystery iPod Nano

Either this is proof that contract manufacturing is a lightning-fast miracle of modernity, or that the bloggyverse is a noisy-as-hell echo chamber: No sooner does Kevin Rose prophesy that the next-gen iPod nano will be tall and skinny and rounded, but Chinese makers report case orders that meet their specs. One tidbit that emerged amid all the rendered graphics was the presence of GPS in the supposed iPod nano. I have to say, it seems like Steve Jobs would have to smoke a lot of monkeyshit to come up with a non-touchscreen, non-cellular device with GPS inside. Last I checked, Apple didn't even tell major hardware partners, let alone random case makers, what was up with next-gen stuff. Think what you wish, but I'm gonna go with, "Too much fun with Photoshop and AutoCAD over the weekend." [Alibaba and iDealsChina via MacRumors and EngadgetThanks tipsters!]

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