Fans Give Darkseid an Epic Makeover With Help From Mister Miracle

Detail from the cover of Mister Miracle #10.
Detail from the cover of Mister Miracle #10.
Image: Nick Derington (DC Comics)

Earlier this week, artist Nick Derington shared his cover artwork for Mister Miracle #10, which is a fantastic close-up of Darkseid that balances detail and an impressively inverted photo-negative color palette. Fans have been remixing the cover all week, turning out some eye-popping riffs on this vision of the Lord of Apokolips. Here are some of our favorites.


Mister Miracle has been one of the best superhero comics in recent years, thanks to the team of Tom King, Mitch Gerads, and Clayton Cowles. Derington’s been delivering great covers for the whole run, but nothing’s quite captured the collective fancy like the Mister Miracle #10 cover.

Fans took a special shine to the image and Derington seems to love what they’ve been doing with it, if his Twitter feed is any indication.


This one has to be my favorite, though...


If you’ve seen any other good riffs on this cover, or have one of your own, please drop them in the comments!



Slightly off topic, but, about Darkseid.

I remember hearing once that Jack Kirby imagined him as Space Hitler. But Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini (and almost all the imitators I know of) tended to favor at least somewhat ornate military uniforms with a medal or two, whereas Darkseid’s attire is depicted as spartan.

Can anyone think of a (real) dictator that scoffed at bling bling like Darkseid does, like they were confident their mere presence was enough to cow and impress everybody?