Fear and Loathing On a Tech Support Call

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A lot of people incurred the wrath of Hunter S. Thompson over his long career, and we can now add the "fools," "bastards," and "idiots" who worked at his local electronics shop to that list.

Warning, the video is NSFW if you work with old people or humorless prudes.

Take your average septuagenarian's frustration with technology and add Thompson's well-documented volatility. That will only offer a hint of how amusing this call—an expletive-ridden threat to the people who set up his new JVC DVD player—really is.


It's also reassuring to know that Thompson, who wrote a weekly column for ESPN.com at the end of his career, employs the same "do-what-I-want-or-else-I'll-write-about-it!" tactic we here at Gizmodo routinely use to keep tech support jockeys in line. Just kidding! Hilariously NSFW. [DVICE]

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I love these people.

They're asking you for your help, while calling you a fucking idiot the whole time. These people deserve nothing.

Having been on a tech support line, these people ALWAYS got the lowest priority. When they complained to the manager, we simply explained about their lack of professionalism and eventually they got the message.

I have to admit, it's hilarious, but when you're the person on the other end, it's really hard.