Finally, an LTE Chip That Will Work Anywhere in the World

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Qualcomm has announced something that will make travellers everywhere very happy: a new radio chipset that can support every LTE network in the world.


More accurately, the RF360 chips provides connectiviry for LTE-FDD, LTE-TDD, WCDMA, EV-DO, CDMA 1x, TD-SCDMA and GSM/EDGE networks. That should be enough, though, as it currently covers every LTE network in use across the globe.

That'll be of interest to manufacturers and consumers alike. Not only will it make travelling easier, it will allow companies to make a single phone to ship around the world, instead of having to make different phones for different markets. Qualcomm also claims that the RF360 (which isn't the chip pictured above) wll provide improved antenna performance, battery life and connection reliability, too—but those improvements are likley marginal. [Engadget]


Its unlikely you will see this in many phones, as its probably more expensive to purchase and implement , as well as use more power - not to mention some carriers prefer their major handsets wont work on other networks. We saw this back in the day when Qualcomm made CDMA/GSM/TDMA chips - everyone was like 'phew, all phones will be compatible with all networks now!' Never saw a popular handset that ever used it.