Okay, this is getting ridiculous. As we've got to see more and more merchandise for Age of Ultron recently, one constant refrain I've found myself asking is 'Where the hell is Black Widow?'. Well, now there's at least something coming for the super spy. Kind of.

Diamond Select Toys chose Comic Book Resources to exclusively reveal the next two figures in their line of toys for the upcoming movie: The Hulk and Black Widow. The Hulk figure looks pretty cool, but finally, something about Widow after a sea of almost nothing! She doesn't get her own Funko Pop, she doesn't shop up in the figure playsets, isn't even on the box art showing the team (although at least for that bit she shares the honour with Hawkeye). At last, a new Natasha figure!


... huh.

The figure was revealed blacked out because DST doesn't have final licensor's approval for its likeness. This is 100% understandable in the toy making industry, especially when it comes to toys based on film and TV shows where it's not just the character you have to license, but the appearance of the actor playing them. Sometimes, that can be a lengthy process, and you end up sitting on the release of a figure because it takes a while to get a response from an actor to okay it. But for Widow, it just seems like an unintentionally cruel twist in the cosmic joke that is her large absence from much of Age of Ultron's merchandise revealed so far - something at odds with the relative focus she's had in the trailers for the movie we've received. Even when she is getting merchandise, poor Widow isn't actually featured in its reveal at all! It'd be funny if it wasn't so regrettable.


Rest assured when we get actual pictures of Black Widow merch, I'll be shouting about it from the rooftops. But for now, here's a silhouette, I guess?

[via Comic Book Resources]

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