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Bows and arrows have evolved quite a bit since the Paleolithic era. But one thing hasn't changed in 12,000 years. This has never been a sport of sheer skill and power—its most elite competitors have always relied on the best gear of the age.


Jake Kaminski, a 23-year-old athlete representing the USA in the 2012 Olympics, will take the top gadgets in the world of archery to London this month. But first, he's here to answer your questions.

A little background—Jake began flinging arrows around his parents' yard at age six. He started competing three years later. After winning a New York State Championship, he began to rank nationally. Here are a few more recent career highlights:

  • 2005 Overall National Champion
  • 2005 All America's Indoor Champion
  • 2007 Senior National Team Champion
  • 2009 United States Archery Team Member
  • 2009 Target National Team Champion

Want to learn about modern archery technology? How the equipment works? What got Jake into the sport in the first place? He is taking questions live in the discussion below. Let 'em rip!

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