First Images of the Space Shuttle Fuel Tank Crack

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NASA is now evaluating the external fuel tank crack that caused the cancellation of the Space Shuttle Discovery launch last week. These are the first pictures of the 20-inch fissure, which was the origin of the fuel leak.

There's no more information at this point. NASA is planning a November 30 launch for STS-133. The external fuel tank has been a permanent source of problems in the space shuttle program, ultimately causing the Columbia accident that ended with the lives of Commander Rick D. Husband, Pilot William C. McCool, Payload Commander Michael P. Anderson, Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon, Mission Specialist Kalpana Chawla, Mission Specialist David M. Brown, and Mission Specialist Laurel Clark.

Understandably, NASA is making sure that they understand the source of the problem and take all the necessary measures to avoid any further incidents or delays.


These images were taken by an unnamed person working at NASA, and posted on his son's blog. [Proof Math Is BeautifulThanks Oscar!]