First Look At Pegg's Alien Epic "Paul"

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Comic book nerds Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's alien-on-the-run film Paul finally has an image. Behold the nerd awe as our Pegg, Frost, Kristen Wiig and Blythe Danner stare into the unknown.


Paul follows the two geeky Brits on a journey across the United States, where they not only hit up San Diego Comic Con, but end up face-to-face with a real alien. Still no details about the alien's appearance, and last time we talked to cast member Bill Hader he was pretty mum on the details. Will it be CG, will it be someone in a suit, or just a human? Who knows. We do know it'll be voiced by Seth Rogen though.

Simon Pegg twittered this response to Collider's scoop:

Yep. That's us flanked by Blythe Damner and Kristen Wiig. It doesn't get much better than that sandwich-wise.

For a closer look at the horror on these hapless nerds' faces, check out the bigger image at Collider. Paul will hit theaters in 2010.



Kristen Wiig? Really? There goes any enthusiasm I had for this movie.