Flight+, Touch TV, and More

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You'll be up-to-date on the best TV shows and the latest computing knowledge with the best iPad apps of the week. We're also showcasing a tool for travelers and offering a bit of photography knowledge.

Flight+ for iPad: Track just about all active flights around the world and see data from every airport in real time. If you are a frequent flier, this could be a helpful app to have installed on your Apple slate. You won't be surprised next time your flight is delayed. $4.99


Swiss Camera Museum: Use your tablet to stroll through the history of the camera with this app. It will educate you on the evolution of the technology, starting with the earliest camera obscuras. You'll also get a glimpse at some installations and exhibits on display at the museum. Free


IEEE Computer Society Digital Library: This app is like the Library of Congress for computing knowledge. It lets you search the Computer Society's entire archive, as well as check out the most recent content, for free. However, you must be a subscriber to access full articles. Free


TouchTV: Did you catch Conan last night? If not, you can watch clips on this app. It culls snippets from the most popular TV shows and puts them all in one place. Free