OLEDs are finding their way onto all sorts of gadgets these days, from ridiculously overpriced keyboards to weird flexible screens that serve little purpose. It appears that watchmaker Fossil will soon be joining the ranks of the OLED purveyors with their officially unannounced men's watches. This isn't the first time we've seen an OLED watch, but this one isn't being billed as a miniature theater for your wrist. Hit the jump for a leaked action vid.

As you can see, the multicolor display has a few eye candy transitional animations, a calendar function and some sort of globe/map view, but this isn't intended to be digital entertainment in bite-sized form. OLEDs are great technology; they provide color and animation while consuming less power than LEDs or LCDs (which require backlighting). But if you need your watch to do much more than tell you what time it is, you're probably using it wrong or missing some other crucial, multipurpose gadget (like a cellphone, smartphone or PDA). Fossil is still playing hard to get on this one, so there is no word on pricing or availability just yet. [Fossil's OLED Watches via Technabob]