Fourth Gen iPod Nano 1.03 Patch Out Now

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Apple has just released the 1.03 patch for the fourth generation iPod nano (that's the new one, for those who may have lost count). The update adds support for the upcoming Apple in-ear headphones and tweaks CoverFlow functionality. Here's the full list of updates:

• Support for Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic • Support for Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic • Fixed instability issues when using Nike + iPod Sport Kit • Added a setting to turn off Cover Flow when rotating iPod nano and a Cover Flow menu item under the Music menu • When Shuffle setting is set to Songs, pressing play on a song in a saved Genius playlist will now follow the Shuffle setting • After playing a slideshow with TV out, Cover Flow album art is no longer distorted • Waking iPod nano after hibernating no longer distorts photos • Other minor bug fixes





if apple is perfect...why are they forever patching their stuff?