Fox Looks For National Treasure Through Time In Family History

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Sounds like some movie execs have taken our advice to rip-off instead of remake to heart, as 20th Century Fox announces Family History, a new movie described as "Back To The Future meets National Treasure."

The National Treasure connection continues past the pitch; the screenwriters of the two Nic Cage-starring Indiana Jones knock-offs are producing the movie, which will be written by Marc Haimes, a former DreamWorks executive who already knows how to sell the movie in interviews:

"It's an adventure about a family on a treasure hunt through time... It has the kind of big idea that I loved working on as an executive. At DreamWorks, I never tried to brand myself. Working on lots of different types of movies was what I loved to do. I hope to have that same opportunity as a screenwriter.


On the plus side, Haines worked on the Men in Black franchise during his time as an executive. On the minus, he also worked on Hotel For Dogs.