Fox News, the president’s favorite TV channel, is just asking questions. But not about anything important.

Last night, most people were talking about the explosive revelations that Donald Trump Jr. sought to collude with a Russian lawyer to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. But Tucker Carlson thought that it might be a perfect time to discuss a different topic: The safety of vaccines.


Vaccines don’t cause autism. But people like liberal activist Robert Kennedy Jr. have been leading the charge to say that they do. John Oliver poked fun at Kennedy in a segment on June 25th, and Tucker Carlson apparently took issue with the HBO host and his fact-check on vaccines safety and people who are trying to confuse the issue. Carlson had Kennedy on his show last night to “just raise questions” about vaccines—something that science has already done again and again.

“They piled on you,” Carlson said to Kennedy in his usual disingenuous way. “Why? Why is raising questions about the safety of vaccines a no-go zone?”

Kennedy responds by calling the CDC “a cesspool of corruption” and claims that “there’s very little safety testing” of vaccines. You can watch the entire segment on YouTube if you’d like to witness the idiocy for yourself.

Carlson makes it clear during the segment that he had his kids vaccinated, but again makes this disingenuous claim that it’s important to just keep asking questions about the safety of vaccines. It’s an absurd thing to watch and is a bit like witnessing Carlson have someone on his program who believes that the Earth is flat and is getting outraged that a liberal TV host like John Oliver would poke fun at someone who is “just asking questions” about the flat Earth.


Back in January then-president elect Donald Trump met with Robert Kennedy Jr. and floated the idea of him chairing a commission exploring the safety of vaccines. But it looks like that’s not happening anymore. Trump has dabbled time and again with the nutjobs who espouse anti-vaccine conspiracy theories. And he’s never done a proper job of distancing himself from their harmful policies.

Vaccines don’t cause autism. And Robert Kennedy Jr. is full of shit. But he’s just asking questions. Thank God that Fox News and Tucker Carlson are there to just ask the questions that already have answers.


How about those collusion charges?

Fake news, you say? But the American people are just asking questions...


Matt Novak is the editor of Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog

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