Foxconn Increases Compensation For iPhone Suicide Employee's Family

Illustration for article titled Foxconn Increases Compensation For iPhone Suicide Employees Family

Foxconn just increased the compensation for their worker that killed himself as a result of possible beatings and interrogations over a lost iPhone.


The family now gets $52,600 (up from $44,000) as well as $4,385 every year as long as one of the parents are alive. The Foxconn official that leaked this information to the press spoke anonymously since he wasn't a qualified press-relations employee. [Yahoo]


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Great. So a man's life is now just worth $52,600. I'd rather choose justice than money. I'm sure Sun's soul isn't happy about this.

In a few months or even days when Apple releases a new product, people would forget about this and wouldn't even care at all anymore. Do we really even care? We're all just a bunch of hypocrites.