Frances is a dancer in her late twenties getting by in New York, but just barely. She's hit a standstill in her personal and professional life and it seems like she'll never ever find the right path. Frances Ha somehow avoids falling into a cliche tale in its quest to answer will she or won't she?

Sure, it might seem like another lame tale about a hipster millenial struggling to get by, but the story is rather light and endearing. Directed by Noah Baumbach, Frances Ha stars Greta Gerwig a the gawky yet lovable title character, who has sort of lost her way in her post-college years. She's half-working as a dancer, half-dating a couple of guys, and bouncing around from apartment to apartment. In fact, compared to her friends who are going places and advancing their careers and getting married and whatnot, Frances is sort of a loser.


Yet, you find yourself rooting for the hapless heroine. At times the humor borders on uncomfortable. The film is also in black and white, which I sometimes find is kind of a put-on, but in this case I enjoyed it. Besides, it's Thanksgiving break, and you need something low-effort to curl up with tonight. [Netflix]