Doctor Who/Star Wars

At London Comic Con, Steven Moffat said that season eight will feature some "nasty and unpleasant scenes," establishing that the new Doctor isn't the one we knew. He also pointed out to everyone wanting a Sherlock crossover that Holmes has already been established as a fictional character in the Whoniverse, and Madame Vastra is the "real" Sherlock Holmes. [Radio Times]


Also, the rumor linking Moffat to Star Wars is "news to him." [Cinelinx]

The image from the season premiere that was released last week has engendered a bit of speculation from the Radio Times, which points out that the Doctor and Clara seem dressed to blend with Victorian England. Specifically, Clara looks a bit like one of the earlier incarnations that the Eleventh Doctor met. This matches what we know about the episode seeing the return of Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax. [Radio Times]


Joining the guest cast for the finale is Sanjeev Bhaskar (The Kumars at Number 12). Moffat said of the finale, "The danger is never deadlier than in a finale episode, and the Time Lord is going to need all the help he can get!" [Wales Online]

Game of Thrones

While fans and press may wring their hands about the possibility of the show running out of book material, HBO's not concerned. HBO Programming chief Michael Lombardo told the Television Critics Association:

We're not off on our own in respect to at least next season. Obviously George is an integral part of the creative team, so next season every move is being choreographed very closely with him. Certainly after next year we'll have to figure it out with George. The book's not finished at this point, but we're in conversations with him. We're not concerned about it.


He also added that "there's no conversations going on about a movie," and "[we're] not talking about ending the show in the next two years." [Winter Is Coming, TV Line]

The Strain

David Bradley discussed how his character's background will be slowly revealed over the course of the season:

And with Setrakian it's quite simple and quite a straightforward agenda. But the fact that his past is only really revealed scene-by-scene and you don't — it's much more interesting to me rather than have a character revealed in the very first episode so I think, 'oh, I know what they're about. I know exactly what they're doing or what their life is about.' But with Setrakian you slowly discover, with the benefits of the flashbacks, and you realize what has made him what he is. And it's fun and it's a challenge and you can only take what's there on the page and do it as truthfully as you can and not think too much about what's happening way down the line and discover it along with everybody else.


As for that agenda, Bradley explains that it's revenge:

Just plain revenge for what's happened to his wife at the hands of the Master. And when he sees that TV screen and that darkened airplane he's the only one, he's the only person in the world possibly who knows what this means. And his mission is not only to see it through this time because he's aware that he's failed before and he's allowed the situation to happen where his wife has been a victim of it and the idea that he keeps her heart in a jar, there's something kind of — it seems a bit of a sick thing to do but for him it's his only way of keeping contact with his late wife and finding the fuel to avenge her death.

He kind of hopes it won't happen again that he'll never hear from the Master again, but then as soon as he realizes he knows he's got to do it again then he's got this fear of failure. So it's not like he's superhuman and knows exactly what to do and — he's never in control of the situation. He tries to be. He tries to but even he has his doubts. And I love the doubts that make him human when he's talking to the heart and saying I don't know if I can do it again. I can't fail again. That's something — failure is not an option. So as ruthless as he is in his pursuit he's got this doubtful voice in the back of his head saying he's not going to do it, that he's not going to see it through or he might die or might — he's bringing these people on with him knowing full well that he's putting them in danger but it's his only way. He needs help. He can't do it all on his own and he realizes that. So he's a very complicated man. And the fact that he still has this will to see this thing through and to finish it is a testament to his energy and that's what helped him to live so long. He wants to stay alive to do this.

And Ephraim loses his wife to it too.

Yes. Absolutely. And if he can avenge her death that will be his life's work completed and I think he would be just happy to die in the pursuit of that. And I believe he does at some point but I haven't got that far in the books.


More at the link. [Spinoff Online]

Guillermo del Toro spoke about Lance Henriksen's work as the Master on the show:

The thing that we know is that The Master, the character, is he encompasses many voices. So, he's a character made of many voices over the centuries. He overtakes bodies and he stays alive that way. We wanted to meld several voices, and one of the voices that we wanted to use was Lance, because of its power and authority and the way it sounds, and then mix it with other voices as the base for The Master's voice, for the authority and the power it has.


He also talked about the design of the vampires:

In terms of creature creation we really went into it trying to, little by little, reveal the biological traits and the design traits of these creatures to make sense to an audience, not just from a looking terrifying, looking good point of view, but to make them feel organic. T make them feel like almost a different breed in the evolutionary history of this planet. You get to see them as a species, in a way, the more you advance in the plot and in this series. So, designing it took approximately six months of just purely conceptual and sculpture and draftsmanship design, and executing it took a very long, long time. But it was as complex and as demanding as designing creatures for a feature film.


[ Shock Till You Drop]


This show has wasted no time finding a new female lead to replace Lucy Griffiths, who played the character of Liv in the pilot. Liv is being replaced by Zed, a psychic who teams up with Constantine to battle various evil forces. And Angelica Celaya has already been cast as Zed. [Deadline, Entertainment Weekly]



Gil Bellows (Ally McBeal) has joined the cast as the son of Abraham Enzmann, the founder of the Ascension mission who is "determined to continue his father's work." The six-episode miniseries takes place 50 years into a mission to populate a new world, when a murder forces the crew to reevaluate their mission. [TV Line]


Heroes: Reborn

As opposed to Ali Larter, who can't return, and Jack Coleman, who is definitely going to, Zachary Quinto's a bit more more unsure of whether he'll come back. Saying:

I've been in touch with Tim [Kring, creator] and he told me they were doing this and we left the door open for me to be involved, the trouble is really my availability. I don't know that it would really even be possible. And it's a challenge for me because that experience and role and opportunity really changed my life completely and sent me on a path that I might not have otherwise have been on, but at the same time I'm very interested in forward momentum, I'm very interested in expanding and defying people's expectations of me….I don't know that going back to such a definitely iconic character would necessarily do that. So it's a larger question that I haven't had to answer because no one's actually given me an offer. We'll see. I'm glad they're doing it and I know that whether or not I'm involved that the fans will enjoy it.


[ IGN]


Elizabeth Rodriguez is going to guest star. [ Twitter via SpoilerTV]

Beauty and the Beast

Actor Ted Whittall said on Twitter that he's unlikely to return for the show's third season:



There are also behind-the-scenes photos from Arrow. First up is this one, from Stephen Amell himself. [Facebook]


Go to the link for more set photos of Oliver and Laurel. [Candagraphs]


And then this one, which showcases a new look for Quentin Lance. [via SpoilerTV]


The Flash

Here's a set photo from William Sadler, showing himself in costume as Simon Stagg:



Here are promos and a sneak peek at episode 2.o5, "Put the Damage On":

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