GameBone Accessory Will Turn iPhones Into PSP Look-Alikes

Illustration for article titled GameBone Accessory Will Turn iPhones Into PSP Look-Alikes

When we last saw renders of the GameBone iPhone gaming accessory it looked ridiculous. But the latest design actually looks like something we might slip our iPhones into to give them four buttons and a d-pad.

The accessory features "a 2000mAh battery for additional power, an LED to show charging state and capcity, start/select buttons, built-in stereo speakers, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and an omni-directional microphone." There's no exact release date, but 22moo, GameBone's maker, has released developer tools for those wanting to make their games compatible with the accessory already and hopes to have something on the market by the end of the year. [Finger Gaming via GameSetWatch]

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Michael Scrip

Look familiar?

It's too big. You'll need to carry this "portable" gaming accessory in a backpack.

They need to put the D-pad and buttons below the screen. That would help a lot.