Garmin's New Upgradeable Navigation App Starts at Just $2

In order to compete with the navigation apps that both Apple and Google give away for free, Garmin is introducing a new Android and iOS nav app called Víago that sells for just $2 (on sale for $1 until July 13th), with advanced functionality available as in-app purchases. It's still not free, but compared to Garmin's previous app which sold for $50, it might just be worth upgrading your smartphone's default maps app.


It's not easy to lure consumers away from free apps that are already 'good enough', but the base version of Garmin's Viago sounds like it's loaded with enough features for it to be worth the upgrade.

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For starters, it's got Garmin's name attached to it, a company that's been creating navigation devices since they were first available to consumers. Which also means the base version of the app includes features like turn-by-turn directions with proper lane recommendations, your speed and the current speed limit, three-day weather forecasts, traffic, and photo-realistic junction views so you can be certain of where you are.

The in-app purchases range in price from $5 to $20, and add additional functionality like offline maps so you don't need a constan data connection, Garmin's Real Directions which provides turn-by-turn cues using visible landmarks and signage instead of street names, and a panoramic view that incorporates NASA's 3D height and terrain data to provide a more accurate map of where you're actually driving.

Is that enough to make it worth the upgrade? Neither Apple's nor Google's mapping apps are superstars when it comes to turn-by-turn directions. But they're slowly and steadily getting better and better. But until they're perfect, it certainly wouldn't hurt to have Garmin's new Víago as a backup for your next road trip. [Garmin]


Waze. Why would you want anything else?