Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Could Help Fight Malaria

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Malaria isn't a pretty disease, and it's one that's difficult to control because it's spread widely by mosquitoes. Researchers may have come up with a way to help stop its spread, however, using special genetically modified mosquitoes that are malaria-resistant and therefore better equipped to survive.


By making bugs that are both unable to carry the virus as well as stronger than their counterparts, the researchers hope to have their disease-fighting insects take over in insect populations, cutting out a huge way that malaria is spread. Will it work the way they planned, or in a few years will they need to create even stronger, Bluejay-sized mosquitoes to combat these malaria-resistant versions? I guess time will tell.

BBC News [via Slashdot]



I pray to god that Malaria wasn't keeping the mosquito population under control.