Get All Matchy-Matchy With JVC's iPod Nano SP-A130 Portable Speaker

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Are black, silver, pink and blue the most popular iPod Nano colors? According to JVC, yes, yes they are. The SP-A130 speaker not only matches those Nanos in size, but also shade.

Whilst I have a blue Nano knocking around somewhere, I do wish they'd used the same metallic paint that Apple uses. To blast music out you just slide the cover out to reveal the dual 30mm drivers on the portable speaker, with the back containing a 3.5mm input and area for inserting two AAA batteries.


The speakers also have an active/passive mode, giving you the choice of using the device's amplifier or the iPod Nano to power it. Out in March, it'll be $29.95—a pretty fair price if you ask me, unless you own a red, purple, green, yellow or orange Nano. [Far East Gizmos]