Having exhausted my iPhone 4 friend pool with the requisite HEY-check-out-my-office/bedroom FaceTime calls, I basically haven't used the feature at all in weeks. Dave Lanham, an artist who's doing caricatures over FaceTime for $50, will be my next call.


Lanham is a designer at Icon Factory, the company behind Twitterific and other fine software, and for $50 he will dial you up over FaceTime and draw you a Twitter avatar you can be proud of. Here's a quick look at his vector drawing process:

This Flickr gallery shows Lanham's first few FaceTime faces, though I'm sure he'll be inundated with more nerdy mugs than a Think Geek newsletter soon enough, so you'll have to act fast to see yourself in all your vector glory. You can get in touch on Twitter or Dave's personal site. [Dave Lanham via Wired]

Image credit Dave Lanham


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