"Ghostbusters III" Scares Up New Script, Director

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With a new Ghostbusters script soon to be finished, we've been hearing that the franchise will introduce a whole new generation of Ghostbusters, with Venkman and co. passing the torch. But one more veteran is coming back: director Ivan Reitman.

Reitman, who helmed the first two movies 25 and 20 years ago, tells MTV News he may direct the third one as well. Dan Aykroyd has already been hinting around at a premise, which would see the original team (or at least Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Harold Ramis) joined by a younger generation of recruits, including a woman or two. A script is already in the works, by The Office's Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, and should be completed within a month.

We loved the first Ghostbusters (out on Blu-Ray next week in time for its 25th anniversary, y'all!), the second not so much, and Reitman's recent directing efforts are pretty hacktacular (Evolution may have a few closet supporters, but is there anyone out there who'll defend My Super Ex-Girlfriend? Anyone?) So we're dreading Ghostbusters III, especially if it falls into Reitman's hands again. At least one hint of good news may keep our well of hostility-loving pink goo from boiling over: Reitman may just be too darn busy to direct, forcing him to hand his nuclear backpack over to Ramis (Groundhog Day), who is Aykroyd's first choice anyway. Cross your fingers — but remember, don't cross the streams.


UPDATE: Ramis just gave an interview to ComingSoon, in which he says he doubts that Reitman wants to direct. (Though he'll undoubtedly nab a producing credit.) Ramis adds that he himself may not want to direct, but that all four of the OGs (original Ghostbusters), including Ernie Hudson, are on board, and that everyone's just waiting for the script. Also, he confirms that the story idea, on which he collaborated with Stupnitsky and Eisenberg (who also wrote Ramis' soon-to-be-released prehistoric spoof Year One), will involve a younger team of ghoul grabbers. "It's not about us running around," he says. "We'll be introducing new people."