Ghostland Observatory: Sad Sad City

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Ghostland Observatory is the square peg for your round ear holes with its self-described sound of "a robot making love to a tree." They are really f*cking weird but their music is flat-out fantastic.

With four albums under their belts—or should I say capes—the Austin, Texas natives can't be compared to one genre or a single artistic influence. And, like most dynamic duos throughout history, the pair met through an ad in the Austin Chronicle. Aaron "Pocahontas" Behrens is lead vocals while Thomas "the Wizard" Turner acts as his cybernetic hype-man. The two-man band has toured worldwide, headlining major venues and music festivals.

If you have the opportunity, find a way to see them live. I can speak from experience that they put on a sick show and don't disappoint. Their sixteen-laser setup creates a psychedelic lightshow for the ultimate rave-like trip (sans the LSD and glow sticks, natch). Music and electricity vibrate sweat-drenched their concertgoers with enough intensity to give Ironman a seizure.


Sad Sad City is one of their older songs but still a favorite—white-hot noise, dance-worthy beats and earsplitting vocals. Put it on if you want edgy and eccentric, then crank up the volume and break out your gold lamé.