Giant Display Made of Paper Lamps

Space Invaders 2008 is an art installation with 176 lamps (each with its own lampshade style) hung in a 1,600 feet-square curtain. They're all wired up to a system with a camera, turning them into a low-res video display that reacts dramatically to passers-by, as you can see above, or to music, as you can see after the jump.

As well as surprising nearby walkers, the installation can also be hooked up to an audio source, turning it into one mahoosive music visualizer, and reminding us of the light curtains U2 had on stage during the Vertigo tour.


Rainer Kehres, Sebastian Hungerer and Friedemann Wolpert designed and built the display, and if you're in Karlsruhe, Germany, you can see it at the ZKM Center for Art & Media until February 13. [Commonlights via Technabob]

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