Gizmodo Frights: the 10 Most Haunted Videos On the World Wide Web

October is here, meaning a bunch of things: The leaves are dying, just like you. Halloween is less than thirty days away. But most importantly, the team at Gizmodo Nights presents you Gizmodo Frights, a deep dive into the weirdest, scariest content the internet has to offer you.


Tonight, we present the ten creepiest, most haunted videos online. Watch, but only with a loved one. Beware. Be safe.

1. The Curse of the Coffee Lover

2. The Curse of the Weed Cat

3. The Curse of the GOP

4. The Curse of the ASMR Tender and Emotionally Intelligent Funky Kong Consoling You After A Messy Divorce

5. The Curse of the A Cappella Skrillex Cover

6. The Curse of the Zucc

7. The Curse of the Bottle Flip

8. The Curse of the Dirty Laptop

9. The Curse of the Tender Corn

10. The Curse of the Fetus

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