Go Download iOS 7 Right Now (Updated)

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It's here, Apple users! The brand-new iOS 7 has officially been released in the wild. Backup all your stuff, then go download it right now.


As always, the new iOS is available as an over-the-air update (go to theSettings menu on your iPhone (4, 4S, 5), iPad (iPad 2 and newer), and iPod touch (fifth-generation only) and navigate to General > Software Update) or a direct download from iTunes. With new features like AirDrop file sharing, iTunes Radio, and one-swipe access to the Control Center — and that flat, pastel-hued design and slightly-disconcerting parallax effect that got everyone talking in the first place — iOS 7 will bring some big changes to your iDevice.

Of course, the full feature set was designed to run on 5-series iPhones, so some iOS 7 items won't be available on older iPhones and iPads — check here for a full rundown.

Update: Here are direct download links, courtesy OSXDaily:


Lovely, every time I try to update or download it, I get "An error occurred downloading iOS 7.0." Guess Apple's servers are getting HAMMERED right now...

And that also makes me wonder if the apps my company has will be broken after people update today...God, I hope not - otherwise I may just end up calling in DEAD.