Going Behind the Scenes of Cats Does Not Make It Look Like Any Less of a Nightmare

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Just imagine this, but they’re all cat-people. That’s it, that’s the movie.
Image: Universal

“If you told me I was gonna get to be a cat, for work,” Taylor Swift tells us. “What?” Like what indeed, Taytay.

Making no acknowledgment of the existential crisis it caused dropping its first trailer for Tom Hoppers’ Cats movie during Comic-Con a few months ago, Universal is soldiering on with a new behind-the-scenes featurette for the film. Featuring a few of the absurd stars of this absurd film, it leans a little less on the horror-tinged visages of its feline-humanoid stars, and more on...well, a bunch of famous people trying to say something about what this movie is and instead saying soundbites that just sound like empty, meaningless voids.

Which is par for the course for most behind-the-scenes featurettes, really, but here the befuddling emptiness of the likes of Idris Elba just nonchalantly saying “I’m observing all the cats,” or Jason Derulo adding “Trying to find a balance between learning new steps and new genres...put those things together and I believe you have magic,” really goes with the existentialist dread one gets when being reminded of the Cats trailer, honestly.


I am confused by Cats, the movie. I seek to observe it—as Idris Elba observes all the cats—and still come out of this behind-the-scenes glimpse as confused as I was entering it. Among the gyrating people, cat-people or otherwise, all I come back to is Taylor Swift: What, indeed.


Cats will be let loose on theaters on December 20.

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