Google I/O Is Happening on May 10

The date has yet to be revealed, but the developer conference is likely happening in the spring.

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Google I/O announcement
Screenshot: Sundar Pichai / Google

Update 3/9/2023 at 1:14 PM ET:

Google has revealed the answer to its annual Google I/O announcement puzzle. This year, Google I/O will start on May 10. The annual developer conference will be a hybrid event, with the keynote happening in person at the Shoreline Amphitheatre near the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA. A few interactive demos will be available online for folks who can’t make the conference in person.

We expect Google I/O to be the official red carpet rollout of its entry into the AI wars, called Bard. We’re also looking forward to learning more about what’s next for the Android platform. Expect a focus on foldable devices. The conference could also reveal what’s next in the Android device pipeline—although we’re still waiting for the Pixel Tablet.


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Leave it to Google to tease us with a puzzle instead of just coming out and telling us when Google I/O 2023 is happening. If you’re curious about joining the collective of developers determining when to book flights for the company’s next developer’s conference, head here.


Every year, Google leaves it to the devs to uncover the date of its next developer’s conference. Last year it was a virtual string you had to untangle. This year, it’s a collaborative effort that requires “a pattern of inputs” to “inform the collective output.” Google, I’m on a deadline! Drop the Glass Onion puzzle boxes and just tell us the date!

You can join the decoding by pressing “start” on the main page, or become a spectator by selecting “observe.” 9to5Google has a walkthrough of how to play the game if you want to attempt it, but right now it looks like progress is moving along at a decent pace.

Google I/O 2023 puzzle progress
Screenshot: Google

I plan to attend the developer’s conference this year, whenever we get details on how we’re supposed to go about it. It’s likely to be in the springtime, around May, as Google usually plans these conferences around my birthday. How thoughtful.


It’s unclear if it’s in person this year or virtual. Google might even elect to do a hybrid model. I have contacted Google to ask for the exact dates of this developer conference for my planning. Enjoy playing your game, suckers.

The next version of the Android 14 Developer Preview is already out for participating devices. The features announced with each update will likely drive the theme of this year’s Google I/O. Some heralded new features include better support for tablets and foldables—where is the Pixel Tablet, by the way? The first Android 14 public beta should hit in April, just in time for Google I/O 2023.