Google Wants To Starve Piracy Sites to Death

Illustration for article titled Google Wants To Starve Piracy Sites to Death

Google is looking into a new strategy for cracking down on piracy sites: cutting off the sources of their funding so they'll wither and die.


The Telegraph says Google is in cahoots with Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal to stop supplying money to websites that host links to illegally obtained books, movies, and TV shows. This plan would also stop feeding cash to sites that don't respond to legal requests because they're offshore or out of the country.

It would be the first time Google has taken such a drastic step to cut down on piracy, but not the first for financial companies. PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard, among others, stopped donations to WikiLeaks in 2011 to cease donations to the document-dropping site. Although WikiLeaks hasn't gone away entirely, that move seems to have severely hampered its operation, which seems to be exactly what Google would like to do for pirate sites. [The Telegraph]



Well, it's about time! No matter how you word it, piracy is theft, plain and simple. The authors/creators of these books/films/etc worked hard to create them, yet pirates simply walk in and take them with no compensation to the person who made them. That's stealing, and those who do it are criminals who should be prosecuted.