Google's Updated Street View of Fukushima Makes Me Want to Cry

Just look at the destruction. Seaside towns transformed into inland mountains of rubble. Google's traveled some 44,000 kilometers through tsunami-ravaged Japanese countryside to digitally archive the immense damage. Be sure to have a hanky at the ready when exploring.


The search giant has delivered on a promise it made in July to obtain updated photos of the afflicted region. The shots are now available on Google Maps as well as a special site "Build the Memory," where users can compare before-and-after shots of the devastation. The updated pictures also include a new and much requested Google Maps feature—timestamps listing the month and year the photo was taken. [Google Blog]



It's terrible. I'm still looking forward to going back to Japan next May though. What really makes me sad is how this has put people off travelling there. While running on reduced power the rest of the country is relatively fine. The least they need is for their tourist industry to suffer as well.