GoPro's Experimental Drone Footage Looks Pretty Damn Good

GoPro is developing a drone. That much we know; what we don’t is how much it will cost or what it’s like to fly. What we do know, however, is that the footage looks pretty darn great.

In a YouTube video, GoPro has shown off some demo video from its prototype quadrotor. The emphasis is on stabilization: it’s shot with a GoPro Hero 4, so the image quality is what we’ve come to know and love.

The variable is stabilization. The footage straight out of the camera is very stable, looking almost like it’s shot on a Steadicam or a dolly. Sure, this is footage from the manufacturer, and judging by the forest the drone’s moving through, there’s exactly zero wind to knock the drone off course.


But still, it’s impressively steady footage for a prototype drone, and certainly on part with the best from DJI’s popular Phantom drones. 2016 can’t come soon enough,


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The footage looks quite stable, but A) GoPros are ultra-wide angle which is inherently stable looking, and B) the orientation is locked - no camera moves.

This is example not an improvement over existing consumer systems in terms of utility. The ultra-wide angle of GoPros is great for catching action selfies and POV footage, but it is so wide that your subject matter becomes too small in frame unless you are right on top of it, which is a bad idea to do with a quad (or more) copter drone, which is essentially a four-bladed flying Cuisinart that scalp you or worse. This is why DJI created their own camera system with a narrower angle of view.