A few days ago, a story about an "artist" (advertising student) using DHL to create the biggest GPS drawing in the world surfaced and, like most cool stories, it turned out to be a complete fake. However, the concept itself was fantastic—and the good news is that there is a guy out there named Antti Laitinen who is the real deal.


Laitinen has been drawing his face across maps of various European forests and cities for some time now, and despite the fact that the results look like something a drunk guy would draw using a pen tucked between his buttcheeks, we still have to give him credit for being authentic. And if there is any doubt about its authenticity—take a look at that photo one more time. And if that still isn't enough, he also provided details on his GPS recorder and how the project was done. Another artist named Esther Polak has also been creating GPS art since 2002—although here work is more abstract. [Antti Laitinen and Esther Polak via Wired]