Grab Gizmodo's Sexy New T-Shirt Before Facebook Shuts Us Down

Shopping for gifts for the holidays can be a shitshow, but Gizmodo is here to help.

We now have a very special, very Zucky T-shirt on sale for Black Friday in our recently-opened swag store. There’s like, SIX colors, one for every one of your Facebook friends who may or may not have believed fake news they saw on Facebook during the election campaign because who knows Zuck says it’s chill but it may not be because he’s sneaky like that.


We like “Facebook Blue” best.

While you’re in our store, you can also pick up stickers, hoodies, and even the T-shirt Zuck is wearing on our meta-as-all-hell new offering.



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Alex Dickinson

Alex is Executive Managing Editor of Gizmodo Media Group