Greasy Tug Boat Is Luxury Yacht In Disguise

Illustration for article titled Greasy Tug Boat Is Luxury Yacht In Disguise

Futuristic ships that look more spaceship than boat fascinate me. However, I can't deny that, if I had to get a yacht over a sailboat, I would go for this amazing tug boat, completely remodeled inside and out.

The original tug boat went to sea in 1967. It got bought in 2004 and put through years of interior and exterior remodeling, which included a spa, a gym, sauna, whirlpool bath, and luxurious suites. Then it was reborn under the name Ariete Primo, a kick ass ship that you can use to go to lusty beaches in the Pacific or push oil tankers in the Indian Ocean. [James List]

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It's the perfect disguise...who would want to steal that?

My only problem is, I'd make it look crappier on the outside.