If there's one thing that can kick Xbox One hard in the nads, this is it: The PS4 has NO new restrictions on used games! At all! And doesn't need to go online to authenticate. Sony just won tons of hearts and minds.

Xbox One has been getting a lot of shit for being stingy with its used game policy, and while Microsoft ultimately allowed used games, they come with restrictions; disc-based games can only be traded once, and only to someone who has been on your friends list for 30 days. They can be traded in, but only to Microsoft approved resellers, and only if the publishers allow it.


Sony's old-school approach here is going to be a huge win for gamers with a little less cash. The PS4 no longer will offer online play for free though; Playstation Plus is now required. Still, used game freedom is a big win, and it's definitely gotten plenty of cheers, but whether or not that translates to sales is still up in the air.