Hasbro's Ant-Man Box Set Comes Inside The Screaming Head Of Hank Pym

Marvel might be skipping SDCC, but its exclusive toys aren’t — Hasbro’s latest figure set for the Con would like to remind you that Ant-Man is coming out, and it’s going to do so by housing some Ant-Man figures inside the shouting head of Hank Pym. Pretty weird!

The figure set, one of two exclusive sets at Hasbro this year, cracks open the yelling Pym head (I like to imagine he’s yelling “PURCHASE MEEEEE!”) to reveal a trio of figures based on the many personas of the original Ant-Man: Pym as a scientist (scaled at 3.75” tall), Pym as Goliath (in the 6” scale), and finally a plus sized 12” Giant Man figure.


Continuing the wonderful tradition of putting tiny versions of toys into these bundles though — there’s also teeny 1.5” and 1” versions of Scott Lang and Hank Pym as Ant-Man to boot. I really hope they don’t stop doing this for Ant-Man toys. I want an army of tiny, shrunk down plastic Ant-Men. Speaking of teeny Ant-Men, the company is also selling a standalone minifigure of Scott Lang as Ant-Man based on the Ant-Man movie suit... for $10.

Yeah, cute, but these work way better as bundles with other figures. $10 for one on its own is a bit much.


The Ant-Man box set is exclusive to SDCC, and will cost you $64.99.


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